Welcome to our newest story, a side story about one of the long forgotten characters of our comic. To understand, you need to jump back a few pages. A lot of pages, really. We need to jump back to the third story we ever did. See, while Greg was learning to be the best villain of all time, ever, he was assigned two henchmen named Lenny. We know what happened to one of them. Leonard Snuvs has become one of Greg’s best friends, and they have gone on a million adventures together, and they have had numerous sleep-overs in which they have shared their deepest, darkest secrets.

The other Lenny, though. We haven’t heard much from him since. I think we can assume he’s been on all the adventures, being Greg’s henchman and all. However, he must have always been slightly off panel. Maybe, he’s off the right doing stuff.

Anyway, we thought it was a good idea to revisit this old chap and see what he’s been up to. So, without further ado, we present “Meanwhile… The Other Lenny,” written by Mathew D. Rhys, with art by Taliesin Reese.