When lifelong- mismatched friends Chad  and Greg are placed into super-hero and -villain high schools, they become embroiled in the Forces of Good and Evil! This fish-out-of-water teen-dramedy follows our heroes and their new friends and classmates through a series of misadventures in education.

About the Creators
Chris Lawton and Mathew D. Rhys began making comics in Western Nebraska in 2005.  Forces grew out of their love for sitcoms, pop-culture, and American super-hero comic books; and a firm distrust of the US Department of Education. It has been said they are generally unlikable people, who rely on old tropes and misunderstandings, because they think it’s funny. We leave it to you to decide. We believe in you.


About the Artists
From the beginning until “National Villainy“, Forces was drawn by Chris and Rhys. Sorry about that.

Joe Carradine came a long and drew a good chunk of that story. And then he didn’t. I don’t want to talk about that.

Forces is currently drawn by Rolf Gerdau.  Originally from Alliance NE, Rolf started with comics during the “Marvel Age”, but grew up to be a postman. Now retired, Rolf is tireless in bringing our favorite 2D teens to life.

Other Art contributed by Amy Reese, Van M Reese, Barry Tetz, and Taliesin Reese. These may have some unconfirmed connection to the IC editorial staff.