I don’t know much about story construction, but I believe we’re heading in the general end of this epic that turned out much longer than we expected. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, as Rhys and I have had a heck of a time writing it.

It’s weird writing a long-form story for a comic that’s updated twice a week. You have to strive for this strange balance concerning the pace of the story. You want to try and avoid super-long stories, because updates are released at a snail’s pace, and bored people don’t come back to check out the story every Monday and Friday. On the other hand, there’s a desire to write complex stories that read really well in archive form. I think this story falls slightly toward the latter. While we always try to intentionally write either a punchline or a cliffhanger into every page, so you don’t feel like the update was a waste, I really think the whole story will come together when you read the entire thing from beginning to end. At least, I think the reader will be able to better see the story come together.

Of course, maybe I’m wrong. As I approach the end of my graduate school career, and as I read more and more stories, and as I study different storytelling methods and theories, I realize how little I actually know about story construction, and how little I have left to learn.