And we start out third and last Pulped Heroes story. When we started these a few months ago, it had been slightly out of necessity. We had just come down off the longest story we had ever written, and we needed a bit of a break. Plus, it gave us a chance to play with this weird medium that is the Internet. We’ve done a prose story in the past, but this was something a little different. This was about expanding the universe and diving into some characters and relationships in ways we hadn’t before.

The first story was about a tragic side-character, who we wanted to be more than just a one-off joke.

The second story was about a relationship we wanted to explore and further develop.

This story… we want this story to be about placing one of our favorite characters in a situation we had never intended to place him before. We had Buckskin Boone solving a mystery, but not like this. This is different. This is detective work.

That said, I would totally write a series of Buckskin Boone dime-novel mystery stories. And then I would drink enough to forget them. And then I would read them and love them.