The 31st page of “Plain History pt 1: Photo In A Box,” and the epilogue. Tucked into this piece are clues from the next two parts of the trilogy, but I don’t want to run too far a-field today. Suffice it to say, Chad is going to have plenty of adventures on his quest to unearth his mother’s past–adventures at home and on the road!

Also, you might recognize the mysterious magician here if you’ve had the chance to read Zing #2. If you’ve not had that chance, well, we still have a few copies left from our promo run (email us, we will work something out), and we will have the final product for sale on the store, when we finally get that put together!

I also want to again take the time to throw a special thanks at Rolf Gerdau. This marks the completion of his first “Forces” story, but he has been working behind the scenes on a half dozen great projects! It has been a real joy to see him take my clicky-clakking and make it fun and compelling comic adventures.

I colored today’s page in greyscale to bring out the contrast, but a colored version will be added later!

Until next time, Happy Reading!