Who is this new figure? What is his story? If only there was a place you could go to find out a little bit more about him.



Presenting the Shortbox. When Rhys and I started Ideal Comics, we wanted to use the Internet in a way that, back in 2006, was relatively new for a comic book company. We wanted to effectively move the back-up story (short 8-10 page stories in the backs of comic books) online. We would use these short comics as a chance to showcase new stories in between publications and even take new writers and artists for test drives before assigning them larger titles.

The Shortbox has gone up and down over the years in various incarnations, but with the introduction of the Reamus Corps guys into this story, we thought it would be a good idea to finish the latest design, so you can read one of the earlier stories starring these fellows, specifically “Expositioner,” who Shock affectionately calls Ex in the above page.

Check out “First Day” for an introduction to Reamus Corps and its role in Fremont City. It’s written by myself with art by Barry Tetz, who currently does the shading for Forces of Good and Evil.