And this ends our great Cortland crossover and our middle chapter in Chad’s search for his mother’s history. We have really enjoyed this one and hope you have all as well.

If you want to follow Cortland were he is headed next, click here or here!

This page is also special for me, because it ends where Ideal Comics began–At Country Kitchen in Gering, July of 2005! Art by Rolf Gerdau and words by Rhys!

Special thanks are in order for Matt Johnson, Josh Sortelli, Darby Wilson & Martin Gilmore Simon Shepherd, and Chris Lawton! Without your help, this story would not have been half as fun!

Today also marks the beginning of our “Forces hiatus” where we are taking the next few week off of updates. We will be posting some teaser art and maybe some news, but our regularly scheduled programming will not be programed for a spell! But stay tuned, trust me!

Until next time, Happy Reading!