Cortland appears in the MUDrix, and is met by VanaRo. In her home comic, VanaRo never made it to the MUDrix world, but as a ‘Net trekker, I figured she probably moved around abit since her story wrapped up (according to Simon Shepherd, all of “Netrek” took place in 2002!)

Last week I mentioned that during the time setting for this story, “Elf Only Inn” was on hiatus in the real world. The original setting for EOI was a role-playing message board, but after the above mentioned hiatus, Josh Sortelli changed his setting to a fictional MMORPG called “Marauders of Gaia”. It took the silly interpersonal comedy of EOI and married to some fun fantasy adventure.

And it goes without saying, I highly recommend both of these comics!

Today’s art done by the indefatigable Rolf Gerdau!